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Micro Pigs by Kösen

Micro Pigs by Kösen

Valley of the Pigs are the founder breeder of the British Micro Pig, as seen on TV and around the world! They have the largest selection of Micro Pet Pigs for sale in the UK to date and are the founder British Breeder in the UK. They have clear provenance of all their Micro Pet Pigs and are currently supplying private individuals, zoos, animal parks, open farms and the trade - and have done for over 15 years.

Koesen has designed and developed a range of plush, alpaca and mohair micro pigs exclusively for Valley of the Pigs. They are realistically modelled on Valley of the Pigs' live pigs and are handmade with the finest woven plush, alpaca or mohair. You can even buy a valuable wooden gift box along with your micro pig.

Start collecting from an extensive range of different pigs, all handmade in Germany according to Kösen's well-known stile of craftsmanship. You can buy your own micro pig direct from us.